The Derby

2019, Documentary Short
Runtime: 14:38

Roles: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design


Following the haves and the have-nots during Kentucky Derby weekend via on-location interviews from varied perspectives, The Derby explores unseen sides of Kentucky’s biggest sporting event. 


From an anonymous reveler on Millionaires Row, to Guatemalan equine workers supporting their relatives, the film offers a thoughtful yet fun peek beyond the mint juleps and fancy hats and into the heart of the fastest two minutes in sports.

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America is Waiting

2018, Documentary Feature
Runtime: 1:01:46

Roles: Producer, Cinematographer


"Presented in reverse chronology from night to morning, and unfolding against a backdrop of helicopters, burning cars, and black-clad riot police, America is Waiting captures a full and diverse spectrum of American citizens expressing their hopes, needs, and fears in a nation that remains, one year later, visibly divided."
-Indie Grits Film Festival

35mm Monsters

2017, Documentary Short, Horror
Runtime: 04:14
Roles: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design


A projectionist threads up a 35mm trailer for The Monster Squad before his beloved projectors are dismantled.

Illustrating the craft and technical process of projecting 35mm film, while lamenting its decline, 35mm Monsters is a love letter to celluloid and The Monster Squad on its 30 year anniversary.

Our Half Acre

2017, Narrative Short, Drama
Runtime: 06:11


A single daughter has to move her father out of his home in the wake of a family tragedy.


Directed by Remington Smith
Produced by Boom Roasted & Michael Goatley.



2016, Documentary, Running Time: 54:48
Roles: Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer


Rubbertown is a neighborhood of heavy chemical industrial manufacturing plants in Louisville, KY that features synthetic rubber factories, a coal burning power plant and a toxic landfill site.


It's also next to residential housing.


Due to the area's higher rates of cancer,  chemical leaks, spills and explosions, one woman tries to move her entire house to another county to escape Rubbertown.


2015, Horror/Drama, Runtime: 9:05
Roles: Director, Producer, Editor, Writer

A quiet post-apocalyptic drama,

The Woods follows a lone woman struggling to survive in a desolate snowscape, while on a quest to take care  of personal business. Blending arthouse aesthetics with horror themes, The Woods' lonesome winter landscapes and melancholy music make it an introspective ride concerning the drama within.


2015, Experimental/Horror, Runtime: 00:50
Roles: Director, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer


A 16mm Halloween educational film goes horribly awry when the goblins of Halloween get a hold of the projector.


Halloween Party can also be downloaded and used for your own Halloween Party invitation at this link.