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Documentary Short
Runtime: 14:38
Roles: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Design



Following the haves and the have-nots during Kentucky Derby weekend via on-location interviews from varied perspectives, The Derby explores unseen sides of Kentucky’s biggest sporting event. 


From an anonymous reveler on Millionaires Row, to Guatemalan equine workers supporting their relatives, the film offers a thoughtful yet fun peek beyond the mint juleps and fancy hats and into the heart of the fastest two minutes in sports.

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The Atlantic
PBS Reel South

Vimeo Staff Pick

Indie Grits Reel South Short Award



The Atlantic: The Kentucky Derby Exposes America's Innards


Short of the Week: The Derby Review

PBS: The Kentucky Derby Says as Much About America as Horse Racing

Courier-Journal: Award-winning documentary looks at side of Ky Derby seldom shown

Insider Louisville: Local documentary 'The Derby' premieres on PBS starting Monday

Film Fatale: Interview April 27th, 2019



University Film & Video Association Conference, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

Interrobang Film Festival
Des Moines, IA
June 29, 2019: 11:15am

Snake Alley Film Festival
Burlington, IA
June 20, 2019: 6pm
June 21, 2019: 8pm
June 22, 2019: 6pm 

Short Film Slam
Louisville, KY
May 9, 2019: 8pm

Indy Film Fest
Indianapolis, IN
May 8th, 2019: 5pm
May 6th, 2019: 7pm

Speed Art Museum Sneak Preview
Louisville, KY
April 28, 2019: 3pm & 4pm

Crossroads Film Festival
Jackson, MS
April 13, 2019: 2:45pm

Thin Line Film Festival
Denton, TX
April 13, 2019: 2pm

RiverRun Official Selection

*Academy Award Qualifying*
Winston-Salem, NC

April 6, 2019: 7:30pm
April 13, 2019: 12:30pm

Indie Grits Film Festival

Columbia, SC

March 28th, 2019: 1:45pm
March 30th, 2019: 8pm

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