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America Is Waiting


Documentary Feature
Runtime: 01:01:46
Roles: Producer, Cinematographer



"Presented in reverse chronology from night to morning, and unfolding against a backdrop of helicopters, burning cars, and black-clad riot police, America is Waiting captures a full and diverse spectrum of American citizens expressing their hopes, needs, and fears in a nation that remains, one year later, visibly divided."
-Indie Grits Film Festival


Indie Grits Film Festival, Columbia, SC 2018
National Lawyer's Guild, Pittsburgh, PA 2018
Documenting J20: Protest & Resistance, Seattle, WA 2017
Northwest Film Center, Portland, OR 2017
Resist, Rebel, Survive: ExCinema Group Show, Seattle, WA 2017
Politti4: Mayday Resistance, San Francisco, CA 2017

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