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Currently I teach film studies & production courses at the University of Louisville as an assistant professor in the Department of Communication. My role as a professor includes not only teaching, but developing relationships with on and off campus resources for students related to film production and film culture. I also advise on the film equipment and infrastructure required to build future production courses.


 While earning my MFA in Film and Video Production at the University of Iowa, I was a primary instructor for three years, teaching introduction to film production, screenwriting and fiction film production. My courses stressed hands on exercises, screenings, relevant readings from academics, filmmakers and artists from varying fields and a classroom setting that valued empathetic constructive criticism aimed at building a strong community of filmmakers by semester's end.

My work as a film educator has also extended beyond college students, as I started an after school film production program for middle schoolers, as well as taught a film production camp for elementary school students.


For more information, please see the documents below.


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